Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review of e-advertising

       Time passed without knowing that things had accually come to the end. I'm glad that i have finally done my best for this paper assignment. When i first added this paper as my elective paper i was scare that i cant cope with this paper but with the guide from our lecturer Pn Nurin i get the picture of electronic advertising which was quite blur on the start. Like my partner, i had also put up high hopes that i will learn lots of electronic advertising like how to create a website and do pop up ads but we did't. However, i had learn a new thing from this paper which is on how to create a blog and dealing with client on doing the real ads for the clients' company. All this is a precious input for me that i had learn from electronic advertising. I have always worried about this paper, and until now i'm still worrying because the final exam is so near.
      Morever, from electronic advertising class i get to know the communication students and i get to learn a little bit of their skill that is not found in my course. For example, editing in the photoshop and video. Besides that, i also learn about the style how ads is place in the all the media.
      In a nutshell, im class to be in this course paper because i had learn a lot of new things. Thank you Pn Nurin for being there to lecture us on electronic advertising!

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