Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Did it !!!

Review of e-advertising

       Time passed without knowing that things had accually come to the end. I'm glad that i have finally done my best for this paper assignment. When i first added this paper as my elective paper i was scare that i cant cope with this paper but with the guide from our lecturer Pn Nurin i get the picture of electronic advertising which was quite blur on the start. Like my partner, i had also put up high hopes that i will learn lots of electronic advertising like how to create a website and do pop up ads but we did't. However, i had learn a new thing from this paper which is on how to create a blog and dealing with client on doing the real ads for the clients' company. All this is a precious input for me that i had learn from electronic advertising. I have always worried about this paper, and until now i'm still worrying because the final exam is so near.
      Morever, from electronic advertising class i get to know the communication students and i get to learn a little bit of their skill that is not found in my course. For example, editing in the photoshop and video. Besides that, i also learn about the style how ads is place in the all the media.
      In a nutshell, im class to be in this course paper because i had learn a lot of new things. Thank you Pn Nurin for being there to lecture us on electronic advertising!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

review of electronic advertisement's class

After i have spent about 14 weeks in my electronic advertising class, i have learned something about electronic advertising. The first one is dealing with client in the real advertising field. i think my lecturer, Pn. Nurin has exposed us to the real work of preparing an advertisement. from all of the marketing class that i have attended, i never have such experience before. Therefore, i think that this is the opportunity to enhance our skill before we step out our university and begin our career's life. Besides that, i also have disappointment towards this course. it is because i thought i can learn about creating an website or any other form of advertising from the class. Maybe there is limited time for us to learn all these stuffs in one semester. However, it is ok for me because we can not expect lecturer to teach us all the advertising's stuff. As a student, we must look it out by ourself if we want to advance ourselves rather than too dependable on the lecture in class.Last but not least, i hope that everyone can learn something from this class even though we just have a very short section in this class.

Friday, March 18, 2011


AVON is a product brand that i cant live without it. I started using avon since i was in form 3. I use a lot of avon products. For example, perfume and cosmatic. Why i started using avon is bacause when i was in my teenage time my friends use the product and they recommend it to me. Besides that, the avon products is affordable, have quaranteed quality and safe to be use. Furthermore the products from avon gives me full satisfaction till today. Hence, i cannot switch to different brand like Loreal, Silky girl or Mayballine products.
      Moreover, I have a funny incident that i cannot forget till today about the product i use in avon. It happen a few years back. If i'm not mistaken it happen when i was in form 6. I went out with my friends and on that day it was raining, i put up some make up on my face. So did get a little bit of splash from the rain on my face when im on the way to meet them up. i when with a motorbike. As soon i got down from d bike i park n wipe my face but i didt take a look of my face in the mirror. After that i quickly when to meet my friends and they started laughing at me. I was so querious why is people looking and smile at me with a funny look. Haha!! then my friend took out her small mirror n let me have a look at my face and i was shock that i look like a clown because my eyeliner was out of my eye shape. That incident make me remember to look in the mirror after i wipe my face no matter how in the hurry im in.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have been using this product since i was in standard 2. My relationship between this product is very close. I drink Milo everyday so that i can get enough energy to concentrade in my study. Why do i like this product? Thus, the story begins like this. When i was in standard 2, i seldom eat anything for my breakfast because i thought that breakfast is not important for us. At last i ended up with gastric during standard 2. Besides that, i remember that time was my examination period. Due to the pain that i suffered, i did not do well in my examination. That time, i felt very sad and dissapointed because i did not listen to my mum's advice. After i came back to my house with undesire examination's result, i thought my mum will scold me. What i thought was wrong because my mum did not scold me and she adviced me to take breakfast cause she said breakfast is very important. "If you did not take anything for your breakfast, please drink a cup of milo", my mum said. From that day onwards, i will drink milo almost everyday because it provides me energy to accept the challenges in my life. I love Milo because of its taste and the benefits that i gain from drinking Milo. Oh Milo! i cannot live without you!!!